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AVR is a new 8 bit RISK like processor from Atmel. Just like the PIC's it has its program in EEPROM and a lot of former PIC users are now very enthousiastic about the AVR.

Atmel didn't do very well financially though. (199801).

There are two mailing lists for the Atmel chips cq. AVR.
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Book about AVR RISC µC announced.

Please have a look in our web site
Info available, order possible.

Dr.-Ing. Claus Kuehnel
Consulting and Distribution
tel: +41-1-785-0238
fax: +41-1-785-0275

Avr Enhanced Risc Microcontrollers
Claus Kuhnel / Hardcover / Published 1998
ISBN: 0750699639 , about $35


C compiler


An efficient C Compiler for Atmel's AVR1200 microcontroller with built-in extensions to K&R C for optimized use with the AVR devices. Integrated Development Enviroment looks like Borland C IDE and operates in either DOS or Windows environments. (US$ 299).
With IDE, I2C and UART code support for $299.

Baradine Products Ltd
tel: +1-604-988-9853 general products

Sounds a little exspensive for only supporting one cpu, but who knows. It may be extra cool.


Date 19981204
From Bob Bush
Subject Dunfield C Compiler

I just received the Dunfield AVR compiler today. I haven't done much with it yet but here are some initial impressions:

Your 99 dollars gets you a single floppy. No printed doc's at this price.

If you've ever worked with a Dunfield compiler then the AVR version will look the same. Dave Dunfield lives in a DOS world so you won't find any nice Windows development environments. You'll have to go back to DOS and recall old DOS commands such as PATH and how to set ENVIRONMENT variables, etc.

MICRO-C uses its own assembler/linker. You'll have to learn the specifics of Dunfield assembler in order to really utilize MICRO-C. The MICRO-C assembler is NOT* compatible with either of the available ATMEL assemblers.

MICRO-C doesn't seem to have an option for producing any files compatible with the AVR Studio, so forget any meaningful use of the AVR Studio software debugger. MICRO-C will produce good assembler listings and Motorola or Intel HEX* files.

The compiler was developed utilizing the AT90S8515 as the target. The start-up code files assume the 8515 as the target. You'll have to learn/understand how to modify some of the assembler code files to use another AVR processor. Seems like the lowest target processor would be the 2313. Has to have some space for ram and stack so the 1200 is out.

Definitely not ANSI C nor does it claim to be. More closely resembles a REALLY well done version of Small-C.

Does NOT* support: *Long / Double / Float / Enumerated data types, Typedef and Bit fields.

DOES support: Structures & Unions, Unsigned character variables, Nested comments, 16 bit character constants, Inline assembly code capability.

Integer math only (16 bit). Some awkward function call libraries for 32 bit integer math, but at least it's there if you need it.

Decent implemntation of standard library C functions. All libraries are typical of Dunfield style: clean and compact.

Limited example programs.

Good documentation on the Compiler.

Seems like a useable tool given the constraints of most AVR processors.

Worth the $99.00

HP InfoTech

HP InfoTech s.r.l.
Str. Liviu Rebreanu 13, Bl. N20, Sc.B, Ap.58
tel: +40-93469754
tel: +401-6436887
fax: +401-6436887 General
Produces the high performance CodeVisionAVR C compiler, IDE andIn-System Programmer for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers.



Ron Kreymborg (Computer Systems Manager, CRC for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology)
Monash University
Wellington Road
Clayton, VIC 3168
tel: +61-3-9905-9671
fax: +61-3-9905-9689
199810: My version of SmallC for the AVR successfully ran through my 25 programtest suite last night for the first time. Phew! While a significantmilestone the test programs naturally mostly test my extensions to SmallC.As the changes required were extensive, I am sure there are many more bugsto be found. My intention is to provide the compiler as a DOS exe alongwith the runtime library and startup source via my web page to anyone whois interested in participating in the alpha testing. By alpha testing Imean testing as an implementation of C. All my testing has been via theAVR Studio simulator/debugger and I suggest this is what alpha testersshould use also. Beta testing is where we move onto the chips.
The compiler produces output for the IAR assembler and relocatable linker.It automatically runs these programs after a successful compile. Thelinker produces output for the AVR Studio debugger. Those familiar withthese tools can output in various other formats and maybe test load thecode onto a chip. The assembler, linker and debugger are all freelyavailable. My web page discusses the advantages of the IAR tools over theAtmel AVR assembler for Windows. At the moment the compiler knows nothingabout the peripherals that make up an AVR chip. It does have the "asm"instruction and of course links easily with assembly modules. Once we allagree that it supports the C language the beta testing phase will beginand include various "C" forms of AVR assembler instructions (in, out, cli,etc) along with command line selection of chip parameters and startupcode.
Note there is a philosophical bent here in that I am quite happy mixing Cand assembler, and I never intended this to be a complete C "environment".In addition, SmallC still has many idiosyncrasies. Maybe we can fix someof them during the alpha and beta testing, but I think a port of lcc tothe AVR would be a more rewarding task. I don't intend to release thecompiler source until beta testing is complete.
Over the next few days I will update my web pages to describe both thesubset of C implementated and the linking options, and package thecompiler for alpha testing (
199811: My version of SmallC for the AVR is now available for alpha testing.It is probably far from bug-free, so keep that in mind. I think I have bundledall necessary files with the zip, but if something is missing, please letme know. For the moment all the documentation is on my web page along withthe download details (
199812: My SmallC compiler for AVR now supports structures.I have also now included the html documentation from the web page and the runtime library source.I will be happy to include in the distribution any optimisations or additions submitted by users.

Pascal compilers


Dr.-Ing. Claus Kühnel
Consulting and distribution
tel: +41-1-785-0238
fax: +41-1-785-0275
We offer a Pascal Compiler for AVR micros now.

Mailing list

(A mailing list is a discussion forum via email...)

See here.

Keyboard - Connect an AT keyboard to an AVR.

Operating System AVRX: AVR real time multitasking kernel for the Atmel series micro* controllers


AEC Electronics
AEC Electronics
Microcontroller Design Solutions
tel: +64-21-677-088 General Freeware PC Based 89S8252 and AT89S53 In-System Programmer


It's freeware: - The "download dungeon" - Dave van Horn's pages

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