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BiPOM Electronics
BiPOM Electronics
tel: +1-713-661-4214
fax: +1-713-661-4201
Specializes in 8051/52 micro-controller boards, SBC's and a Windows basedIDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the low-cost command line8051/8052 compilers and assemblers (such as the Dunfield Micro C Compiler).

Black Feather
Black Feather Electronics
645 Temple 7B
Long Beach, CA 90814
tel: +1-800-526-3717 info and orders
tel: +1-310-434-5641 tech support
fax: +1-310-434-9142
Low cost 6811 development boards

BlueEarth, LLC
145 Jackson Ave S
Cokato MN 55321
tel: +1-320-286-0109
fax: +1-320-286-2104 - tech support General About
Designs and manufactures the Micro-440e, Micro-485 and Xplor PDC seriesof programmable controllers for embedded control, automation and datalogging applications.These MCS-51 (8051 family) based microcontroller boards can be programmed in BASIC,assembler, or C and include digital I/O, analog inputs and one or more RS-232 orRS-422/RS-485 serial ports.We also sell 8051 development tools, including a BASIC compiler.Our web site includes product descriptions, sample software and application notes.

Bluewater Systems
Bluewater Systems
PO Box 13889
Christchurch 8001
New Zealand
tel: +64-3-377-9127
fax: +64-3-377-9135 General About Corporate news Technical data Search engine Distributors/Rep's Order Datasheets/books
Bluewater Systems specialises in developing and optimising software for ARM microprocessors.
A comprehensive range of development tools is available, including development boardsand C/C++ compilers and debuggers.A wide range fo RTOSs and applications software are also available.

See announcement of newest version of Borland C++.
Compilers for the 80x86 family

Boston Systems Office
Now called Tasking

Byte Craft Limited
421 King Street North
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 4E4
tel: +1-519-888-6911
fax: +1-519-746-6751
Develops and sells optimizing C compilers for low end embedded systems:
Microchip PIC's, PIC16/17Cxx
Mitsubishi MELPS 740, 7600
Motorola 68HC05, 6805, 68HC08
National Cop8
Sony 700's
WDC 6502
Zilog Z8
Emulator source-level support for 68HC05
Fuzz-C preprocessor for fuzzy logic
It was formed in 1976.
Software development tools for embedded system.
It has considerable experience with code creation products.
It is known for its very tight code optimization and high level language toolsfor processors with unusual instruction sets or limited resources.

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Click on the first letter of the embedding tool maker you're looking for:
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