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Companies that help design chips for you

This includes programming ASIC's but doesn't include programming MCU's.


Advanced Microelectronics
385 Highland Colony Parkway Suite 220
Ridgeland, MS 39157
tel: +1-601-991-0033
fax: +1-601-991-0033 General About
Integrated Circuit Design Services
Advanced Microelectronics provides services in the development ofintegrated circuits from concept through production.We design full-custom and semi-custom intellectual propertymacros for digital, and mixed-signal applications.Our design team has broad experience in high-speed IC* design.AµE has provided embedded processors and embedded memoryfor a wide range of ASIC applications, including tactical military,telecommunications, multimedia, data visualization, industrial andautomotive.
AµE IC* Layout & Schematic Services
Advanced Microelectronics offers schematic capture,integrated circuit layout and complete verification of design databasesusing current DRC, ERC, LVS, and LPE extraction techniques.Once qualified, final layout databases are shipped to customers in GDSIIstream format.Schematics can be captured using many of the popular schematic capture tools.AµE can also provide VHDL, Verilog, EDIF, SPICE, HSPICE and LSIMnetlist formatsfor most design environments.
Cell Library Development
Our CMOS* standard cell libraries offer advantages in speed and densityover other vendors' cell libraries.Our digital libraries are comprehensive with over 150 different cellvariationsas well as over 40 different I/O cells.Designed for optimum use of three-level metal processes,we offer libraries in 0.8 micron and 0.5 micron technologies.Check here for Standard Cell Library availability.
Memory Generators
AµE's memory generators are RAM cell libraries and softwarethat support single/dual* port SRAMs with sizes from 256 to 1048576.Our generators have the ability to create detailed models (Synopsys andVerilog),netlists, schematic symbols, and abstracts. Check here for RAM Generatoravailability.
Logic Modeling Services
AµE's modeling capabilities include standard part modeling,system-level modeling, ASIC modeling, and model verification.AµE can also provide logic modelswhich support edge-rate sensitive propagation delay parameters.These models can be developed for Quicksim, LSIM, Verilog, SILOS andSynopsys simulation environments.

D'gipro Systems
D'gipro Systems Ltd.
One of the Leading VLSI design house and IP provider in India. The Bangalore based company focuses on ASIC/FPGA design, Embedded Software, Printed Circuit Board Design Services.
Holds several VLSI IP's in areas including DSP, Networking and Telecom. The company specializes in Front-end VLSI Design Services with over 50 highly trained VLSI professionals and targets chip manufacturers, networking, telecommunication and electronic product companies as its clients.
Has established relationships with well-known technology players across U.S, Singapore, Australia and India. Clients include Aplion Networks Inc., Atoga Systems, Serial Systems, Motorola, Wipro, Texas Instruments, Cypress Semiconductors among others.
Has various business models, and successfully executed projects both at the customer sites and In house. We would like to offer our services to your esteemed organisation and looking forward to an association with you as our Business partner.

e-Infochips, Ltd.
11 Chandra Colony
Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat: 380006
tel: +91-79-644-7872
tel: +91-79-656-3705
fax: +91-79-656-0722
USA Office:
1628, Quail Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
tel: +1-408-263-2505
fax: +1-801-650-1480 general technical data
Their mission is to provide clients with the best in class design,verification and EDA help in building next generation system-on-chip ASICs and custom ICs.They want to help you produce first pass working silicon in time to market.
It has a dedicated team of 75+ ASIC and IP design engineers with years of experienceat designing and verifying complex ASICs, IP/Cores, system-on-chip and custom ICs.The engineering teams in India as well as in USAhave tremendous exposure to EDA tools and Verilog based methodologiescovering the entire design and verification spectrum.

(Part of The Matrics Group which was founded 16 years ago)
570 South Edmonds Lane
Lewisville, TX 75067
tel: +1-972-221-1614
MATRICuS offers full analog and mixed signal developments.
Niche areas include SRAM*, low current and high frequency analog functions,RFID products, microdisplay developments, I/O designs with high ESD tolerance.A range of technologies is addressed with design house recognitionby Amkor, Dongbu, and ZMD.Offices are located in Dallas, Texas and Stroud in the UK.
See Mosaid in the chip manufacturer section.
Design and test engineering services


Vestre Rosten 81
7075 Tiller
tel: +1-47-7289-8900
fax: +1-47-7289-8989 General Distributors/rep's
Nordic VLSI ASA is a fabless foundry with strong tiesto the production sources needed.The company was founded in 1983, has shown a strong growthand has now locations in Trondheim and Oslo.We have developed hundreds of different custom designed integrated circuitsand our own RF standard components.
Standard components for wireless applications is the fastest growing business unit.Here we offer low power, true single chip transceivers and transmittersat the edge of technology at a price you can afford.As one of the largest independent ASIC design houses in Europe,Nordic VLSI ASA can offer a wide range of services.Specialised units deliver a team with experience in your field,focusing on a specific system knowledge or technology.

2780 Skypark Drive Suite 410
Torrance, CA 90505
Box 3986
Torrance, CA 90510
tel: +1-310-534-3016
fax: +1-310-534-3728

(See also SEI.)
Silicon Engineering, Inc.
269 Mt. Hermon Road, Suite 207
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
tel: +1-408-438-5330
fax: +1-409-438-8509
IC* Design Excellence and other engineering services for thesemiconductor industry.Customersrange from small to large.

We provide analog and mixed signal ASIC's.Applications include sensor interface, opto-electronic interface, integrated powerand signal conditioning circuits.

Sigenics, Inc.
4622 N. Virginia Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
tel: +1-773-267-8402
fax: +1-773-267-8081
Sigenics provides integrated circuit design services. We can take your concept from paper to Silicon, and even supply packaged, tested product. Our relationships with our fabs also enables us to supply prototype chips at low fabrication costs. The customer receives the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost.
We focus our efforts on difficult and unusual design challenges, targeting sensors, analog, and mixed-signal "System on a Chip" applications. We also design pin-for-pin replacements of obsolete products.
We pride ourselves in the accuracy of our work, and we provide a guaranteed upper bound on the cost of every job.

SiRES Labs
See SiRES Labs.

(Associated with eInfochips it seems.)
Solution Machines
India General
SolMac has a sharp focus on ASIC design services.
SolMac's specializes in synthesizable core developmentand has developed capabilities inFireWire (IEEE 1394) Bus Core Development and USB Core Development.
Solmac has die-hard engineers in the ASIC Design and hardware modelingservices.
Some are deployed in the USA and some have already worked for Sun.
Solmac is interested in off shore development contractsto be executed from Ahmedabad andplacement of these trained engineers in the US for onsite jobs and inmarketing of these specialized services.
SolMac is led by Mr. Pratul Shroff, who has over 17 years experiencein the area of electronic design automation, working for companieslike Intel, Daisy Systems and Burroughsand as a result SolMac as an organization is well adaptedto the Silicon Valley way of working.

Vertechs Integration
(Affiliate Company of the MATRICS Group)
Vertechs Integration, Inc.
570 South Edmonds Lane, Suite 101
Lewisville, Texas 75067
tel: +1-972-221-8184
fax: +1-972-420-6895

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