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Chip numbers starting with 686

nr name cat description manufacturer
686 U686BS as U666B but low power 30mA, can withstand strong signals order from Barend
686 i686 mpu (i686, 80686) Logical name for P6, (=Pentium+) Intel*
6860 MC6860 modem 0-600bps* FSK modem Motorola
68605 MC68605 datacom X.25 Protocol controller Motorola*
68605 MC68605 protoc X.25 Protocol controller - two 22 byte FIFOs, DMA*, HDLC Motorola*
68606 MC68606 datacom Multi-Link LAPD controller Motorola*
68606 MC68606 isdn X.25 Multi-link LAPD protocol controller CCITT Q.920/921 in ISDN Motorola*
6862 MC6862 modem 2400bps* modulator Motorola
6862 NT6862 video Monitor controller Novatek
6864 X68C64 eeprom 8k*8 EEPROM Microperipheral, Data Xicor*
6865 6865 sram 8K*8 cache SRAM* Samsung*
68652 SCN68652 uart Multi-protocol communication controller (MPCC) DIL40, CERDIP40 Philips
68661 MC68661 uart UART (=2661?), pinout
6868 lcd LCD expansion to the MC059
6868 NT6868 keyboard USB keyboard controller Novatek
6868 VMO6868 crypt AT&T IVESs Encryption Engine (ARM6), Family ARM
68681 68681 Dual* UART, pinout Motorola
68681 CDP68HC68P1 port,spi single port I/O Intersil
68681 CDP68HC68R1 sram,spi 1Kbit SRAM* Intersil
68681 CDP68HC68S1 driver,spi differential driver/receiver Intersil
68681 CDP68HC68T1 rtc,spi real-time clock with with 32-byte SRAM* Intersil
68681 CDP68HC68W1 modulator,spi digital pulse width modulator Intersil
68681 MC68681 uart dual* UART, Regs, See 2681 for 6800-bus version. Motorola*, Xicor?
68681 MC68HC68T1 rtc,spi real-time clock with with 32-byte SRAM* Motorola
68681 SCN68681 uart dual* UART (DUART*) DIL40, CERDIP40 Philips
68681 XR68C681 datacom CMOS* Dual* Channel UART (DUART*), Data Exar
68681 XR68C681 uart Dual* UART with Two Fully Independent Full Duplex Asynchronous Communications Channels Exar
68681 cdp68HC68p1 io* CMOS* single port I/O (???) Harris?
68681 cdp68HC68r1 sram CMOS* 128-Word SRAM* Harris?
68681 cdp68HC68s1 uart CMOS* Serial bus Interface Harris?
68681 cdp68HC68t1 rtc CMOS* Real Time Clock with RAM and Power Sense/Control Harris?
68681 cdp68HC68w1 modulat Digital PWM Modulator Harris?
68682 CDP68HC68A2 adc,spi ADC, 10-bit 8-channel ADC Intersil
68682 CDP68HC68P2 driver,spi octal* solenoid driver Intersil
68682 CDP68HC68R2 sram,spi 2Kbit SRAM* Intersil
68682 cdp68HC68a2 adc CMOS* serial 10-bit ADC Harris?
68682 cdp68HC68p2 driver CMOS* Octal* Serial Solenoid Driver Harris?
68682 cdp68HC68r2 sram CMOS* 265-Word SRAM* Harris?
68682 cdp68HC68t2 rtc,spi CMOS* Real Time Clock with SPI bus Interface Harris?
68692 SCC68692 uart dual* UART (DUART*) DIL40, CERDIP40 Philips

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