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Digital Signal Processor

Generally a very programmer unfriendly processor with small on-board ROM, RAM and single cycle multiply (parallel with normal instructions), designed to run dedicated single line, serial in, serial out, signal processing applications very fast.


Catalina Research
Catalina Research Inc.
1321 Aeroplaza Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
tel: +1-719-6370880
fax: +1-719-6373839 General About Products Order databook
Catalina Research Inc. is the industry leader in real time, high-bandwidth,low-latency digital signal processing (DSP) solutions for radarand signal intelligence applications.
We offer COTS and tailored solutions ranging from ASICs to boards to sub-systems.


Hunt Engineering

Hunt Engineering
tel: +44-1278-760188
fax: +44-1278-760199
Traquair Data Systems, Inc
tel: +1-607-266-6000
fax: +1-607-266-8221 General C67x Board
First in shipping a C67x board to customers.The HEVAL-6B is a 1GFLOPS DSP card using a single TMS320C6701 processor.It has a flexible I/O system that will actually let you use it in real-world systems.
HERON is a modular system for DSP and I/O.You can combine TMS320C6201 and TMS320C6701 processors with I/O to build asystem for RADAR, GSM testing, imaging and so forth.Because if it's modularity you can mix and match processors andI/O to get the system you want.
HERON wouldn't work without fast real-time communicationsbetween processors and I/O; so be sure to check out HEART.This offers fast real-time communications - so you cancombine ANY NUMBER of HERON nodes into your system!


title order about
Active Noise Control Systems: Algorithms and DSP Implementations ISBN: 0471134244 $120
Adaptive Filter Theory ISBN: 013322760X $105
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VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems: Design and Implementation ISBN: 0471241865 $115 - More books

Design of DSP's - At the RASSP

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Analog Devices



IBM seems to be the father of the DSP. Their DSP is called Mwave (DSP2780). It's used in their MWave PC-board which combines a sound card with a modem (which was not a good idea I think, because it needed the drivers to be loaded from the OS, which made it incompatible with most OS's and didn't have enough power to emulate a full MIDI wavetable sound card and a 28k8 modem at the same time.)
The software development kit for the DSP, which used to sell for about $500 has been made public in the mean time.
For more information I recomment:
(currently unknown) - Inofficial MWave home page.



This is the former IC* department of AT&T.

Software Co-op Table of Contents
The TMS320 Software Cooperative Resource Guide contains
over 260 easy-to-use, off-the-shelf, digital signal
processing algorithms from third-party software vendors.
This TMS320 Software Cooperative Resource Guide contains
algorithm data sheets on general and application-specific
algorithms. These include speech, audio, image, motor
control, and telecommunications software just to name a
few. The algorithm data sheets are organized by application.

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Local - More info - FREE NeuroMatrix DEMO SDK v.1.2 for W95/NT

Software Catalina Research Radar and signal intelligence applications. DSP Development Corp Hyperception DSP software for most major DSP chips from TI, Analog Devices, Motorola, AT&T and supports over 20 DSP/acquisition boards.

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