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Accelerated Technology
tel: +1-334-661-5770

Actum Solutions
Actum Solutions
Industriestraat 9a
1704 AA Heerhugowaard
tel: +31-72-576-2555
fax: +31-72-576-2559 General
This site provides you with information about our product Realizer®:the easy to use case-tool for making programs that are embedded in your micro-controllers.Here you will find the latest news and get on-line support on Realizer®.ST-Realizer is the limited version of Actum Solutions Realizer product for ST6 and ST7.This product is distributed by ST-Microelectronics.
Realizer® is Actum Solutions' tool to program your microcontrollereasily, error free, accurate, target microcontroller independent, fullydocumented, and highly maintainable.
Realizer: "Put a Diagram into your Microcontroller".Using Realizer you draw a scheme of your application. In thescheme, you use I/O symbols to connect your scheme to certainI/O of your microcontroller. Then you let Realizer generate the codefor you. That's it!
You can simulate your scheme to validate your idea. You canselect another microcontroller and let Realizer generate the codeagain. Realizer is a whole new way of programming yourmicrocontroller.

Advanced Microcomputer Systems
Peter Mavaraides <>, Director of Sales
Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Inc.
1460 SW 3rd Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
tel: +1-954-784-0900
fax: +1-954-784-0904
AMS designs, develops, manufactures and markets Engineering Design Tools. Here is partial list of such tools available from us.
Each of the above products come complete with detailed documentation and AMS Technical Support is available on all of these for the life of the product.
Our Software, Hardware, Development Tools and Data Acquisition Card are being used by hobbyists, businesses and consultants. The coursewares are being used by schools to set up student labs for the courses in electronics as well as by individuals to upgrade their skills.

4633 Old Ironsides Drive
Santa Clara CA 95054
tel: +1-408-327-8820
fax: +1-408-327-8830
DriveWay 3DE is a Device Driver Design Environmentthat generates device drivers for microcontrollers. SupportedMicrocontrollers are:MPC860, 68360, 68302, 186, Philips-XA, 8051, Microchip PIC, National COP8
Aisys develops and supports Embedded Design Automation toolsthat helps automate Hardware and Software integration.
DriveWay 3DE automatically builds highly tuned fully documented throughlytested device drivers for supported microcontrollers.This can save 70% of the time and 50% of the cost to design and integratedevice drivers.

3 Drayton Park
London N5 1NU
tel: +44-171-700-3301

(Not to be confused with: AMCC, who makes chips)
(20020116: Applied Microsystems announced plans to liquidate the company.Libra Networks one of it's divisions would be sold and assets of AMC where sold to Metrowerks,
Applied Microsystems Corporation
5020 148th Avenue NE.
Redmond, WA 98073-9702
tel: +1-425-882-2000
tel: +1-800-426-3925 - Free
fax: +1-425-883-3049 site of the sold daughter company old site, this domain name is for sale About the sale of parts to Metrowerks
Applied Microsystems lead the market in providing a broad range of development tools forengineers who design, debug and test embedded systems.AMC's goal is to help engineers develop high-reliability productsmuch faster at a lower cost-per-engineer via an optimum balanceof software and hardware-enhanced tools a long with services.
AMC's embedded development solutions include:

American Arium
14281 Chambers Road
Tustin, CA 92680
tel: +1-714-731-1661
PCI bus analyzer (about $20K)
PCI bus simulation models
Closely allied with Intel, do analyzer work for new Intel processors (e.g. P6).
Emulators: Pentium processor and P6

American Raisonance
4851 Keller Springs Rd. Ste 205
Addison, TX 75001
tel: +1-972-3801436
tel: 1-877-3150792 - Toll Free
fax: +1-072-8180996 General 200210: seems to have gone
American Raisonance provides complete software and hardware development packagesfor the 8051 and Philips SmartCard processors.We also provide software development tools for the ST6 adn 51XA processors.

Spitalplatz 1
78199 Bräunlingen
tel: +49-771-973110
fax: +49-771-973111
See Ansoft

tel: +1-206-822-6300 - Mary Sorensen
tel: +41-61-331-7151 - Claude Vonlanthen
C-51XA Philips XA8051 C Compilers
A-51XA Philips XA8051 Cross Assemblers
SimCASE-51XA Philips XA8051 Simulators

tel: +1-508-366-3220 - Bob Labadini
tel: +353-61-336644 - Micheal Healy
Ultra2000-XA Philips XA8051 Translators (80C51-to-XA)
Ultra2000-XA Philips XA8051 Emulators (including Debuggers)
SDS-XA Philips XA8051 Cross Assemblers

Accelerated Technology, Inc.
720 Oak Circle Drive East
Mobile, Alabama 36609
tel: +1-800-468-6853
Accelerated Technology was established in August 1990 by two software engineers who shared a vision of the future of the embedded market. They realized that as processors improved in speed and capability, there would be a great need for a well-engineered, well-documented embedded operating system at a reasonable price. They also felt that offering an affordable, well-engineered product, backed by a strong corporate environment, would be appealing to you; and indeed it is!
Since that time we have provided software to over a thousand companies that develop embedded systems. We have improved our ability to support our customers by opening offices in Europe and Asia while continuing to strengthen our capabilities in the United States. Our success has been due to the immense popularity of our products and our unique way of doing business. No more royalties, no more binary licenses, and you get the source code! You simply pay a one-time license for each end-product you make, and you're ready to go.
We are only successful if you get to market rapidly. To make sure you get there, our products install quickly, are easy to use, and are backed by a technical support team that's second to none. We want to make sure you have everything needed to develop your embedded system, and we're always researching and developing new and innovative products to assist you in that process. Just let us know what your needs are, and we'll find a way to accommodate you.

Avocet Systems
PO Box 490
Rockport, MA 0485
tel: +1-207-236-9055 - Jamie Arrison
tel: +1-800-448-8500
6811 and 8051 simulators and ...

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