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New Micros
New Micros, Inc.
1601 Chalk Hill Road
Dallas, TX 75212
tel: +1-214-339-2204
fax: +1-214-339-1585
They sell 68hc11 based boards for around $100 dollars.They happen to have a large variety of peripheral boards too,so if you ever in the future want to experiment with A/D (up to 20 bits),stepper motor controllers, relays or SSR output boards, to say some,they have the boards you will need.
By the way, they sell for $99 (+tax+shipping) the NMIT-0020 and NMIX-0020which comes with a 4x5 keypad controller and address decoding logic and connectorfor intelligent LCD modules connections.The 'T' is what they call a 'target' board,which means they have no power regulation or filtering,and some of the jumpers have been substituted by wires.This is the less expensive one ($99). The NMIX-0020 is a better solution for designing,because it comes with all the jumpers and the stacking connectorsfor adding the peripheral boards.
I have 2 of this boards and I am very happy with them.
I (the ChipDir author) have also used a New Micros' NMIX-0021/2/3 6811 board for some time without any problem. I always assumed it had cost much more...

Nohau Elektronik AB
Derbyvagen 4
S-212 35 Malmø
tel: +46-40-592220
fax: +46-40-592229
other offices:
Nohau Corporation
51 E Campbell Ave
Campbell CA 95008
tel: +1-408-866-1820
fax: +1-408-378-7869
Nohau UK Ltd
The Station Mill, Alresford
Hampshire SO24 9JG
tel: +44-1962-733-140
fax: +44-1962-735-408
Nohau Elektronik GmbH
Goethestr 4
75433 Maulbronn
tel: +49-7043-40247
fax: +49-7043-40521
Nohau Danmark A/S
Naverlands 2
DK-2600 Glostrup
tel: +45-43-446010
fax: +45-43-446020
Nohau EMUL-PC in-circuit emulators for 8051, 80c251, 51XA, 80c196,
80c296, 68HC11, 68HC16 and 683xx (CPU32)- families.
All european branch offices also distribute a full range of 3:d party
procucts, including design-tools for fuzzy logic and state/event,
compilers, debuggers, CAN/LON/USB-tools, PROM/PLD programmers.
DOS/Windows PC-based ICE with full support for all 8051 derivatives

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Click on the first letter of the embedding tool maker you're looking for:
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