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J&M Microtek
J&M Microtek, Inc.
83 Seaman Road
West Orange, NJ 07052
tel: +1-201-325-1892
fax: +1-201-736-4567
Products:EPROM Emulator for 8- and 16-bit systems,Microprocessor simulator for popular 8-bit CPUs,80C552, 80C31, and 68HC11 development systems,Programmer for all the PIC families,In-circuit emulator for the PIC families will be available soon.
Our ROMY-16 EPROM Emulator emulates EPROMs or static RAMs.When the program of our microprocessor simulator is linkedto the ROMY-16 EPROM Emulator the users are allowed to run the ROM-debugging.
All the single board computer development systems from J&M Microtek, Inc.contain on-board debugger which allows the user to stop at breakpoint,single-step through instructions, view and/or modify registers andmemory locations right on the SBC.Our JM-PICE can program all the PIC families in DIP package.The JM-PICE itself is a PIC 17C42 SBC with varieties of special I/O functions.It can also perform pseudo in-circuit emulation for the PIC 16C5X family.

JMI Software Systems, Inc.
904 Sheble Lane
Spring House, PA 19477
tel: +1-215-628-0840
fax: +1-215-628-0353
Europe: RTS
tel: +44-4624-494-352
fax: +44-1624-824-501
India: SDS
tel: +91-80-3439023
fax: +91-80-3430219
Japan: ADAC
tel: +81-3-3576-5351
fax: +81-3-3576-1772
Korea: Zeus
tel: +82-2-784-7841
fax: +82-2-784-7844
Taiwan: Soljet
tel: +886-2-366-0080
fax: +886-2-366-0315
Real-time kernel support for 8086/80286, 80186/Am186EM (real mode);80386/486/Pentium, Am386EM, and 386EX (protected mode); Motorola 68000through 68060, 683xx; Intel i960 (80960), i860; AMD 29000 through 29240;PowerPC(403GA, 603, 860/821); R3000, R4000, R4200, R4300, R4600; ARM7,ARM7TDMI(Thumb), StrongARM; SH7000; PA-RISC; Sun SPARC; NEC V810;Toshiba R3900; Zilog Z80; TI TMS320C30/31 and TMS34020; INMOS transputerT212, T222, T400, T425, T800, T801, T805. **
We work with many compiler vendors including Diab Data, Watcom,Software Development Systems Cross Code, Green Hills, Cygnus Support(GNU).

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Click on the first letter of the embedding tool maker you're looking for:
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